Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 Oscar Nominees in Most Likely Bad 2013 Movies

Next stop, Razzies? You decide.

Best Actor 

Bradley Cooper- You knew a third Hangover was coming...

Denzel Washington- 2 Guns. Another Denzel taking-down-the-bad-guys-with-lots-of-guns movie that probably includes some sort of emotional core that has no a pay out. Also starring Mark Wahlberg so that's pretty hit or miss.

Hugh Jackman- It already happened with Movie 43. He. Had. Testicles. On. His. Chin.

Best Actress
Sorry people, I refuse to put The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on this list out of sheer blind hope that my favorite book out of the series won't be ruined.

Jessica Chastain- Mama was not bad... but it really wasn't great.

Naomi Watts- Another Movie 43 victim. She makes out with her son in an effort to make his homeschooling experience more like real high school.
Two Mothers- who knows if this Motherlover: The Movie will be great or terrible. Even Kyle Buchanan from Vulture couldn't decide when the film premiered at Sundance. 

Best Supporting Actor 

Alan Arkin- As much as I hate to say anything bad about Steve Buscemi, Alan Arkin and Steve Carell, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone really doesn't look great.

Robert De Niro- The Big Wedding. Any "Comedy" movie that includes Katherine Heigl is automatically a candidate for worst picture. We'll see if this is a turning point now that she is surrounding herself with people like De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton. But Robin Williams is also in it so...

Best Supporting Actress

Jacki Weaver- Weaver will be going to TV this fall in CBS' The McCarthy's but she's also co-starring in a horror movie called Haunt. Synopsis: An introverted teen sparks with his new neighbor, and together the couple begins to explore the haunted house that is family has unknowingly just purchased. 

Note to all Oscar nominees: most of the time the comedy and horror movies you star in after your Oscar-nominated film will be bad choices (House At The End Of The Street, Bride Wars, No Strings Attached, etc.). We know you need a break after the intensity of the good movie's shoot, but still. You've been warned. 

So there you have it. Let's hope some of these movies are better than they appear. But most of these guys have great movies coming out this year too. Silver Linings!