Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nomnation Predictions (Including My Wish List)

In less than eight hours, "Scandal" star Kerry Washington and Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel will read 2012's Emmy Nominees. As we all know, there will be obvious locks in each category (expect "Breaking Bad" to receive many drama nods), but considering the wealth of great new talent on TV this year, let's hope we see more new names than the same old (I'm looking at you, "Glee".)

Let's start off with the funniest shows in the business.

Best Comedy
1. "Modern Family"
2. "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee)
3. "The Big Bang Theory"
4. "30 Rock"
5. "Louie" (Another Dream Nominee)
6. "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Wild Card Nominees:
New shows "Girls", "New Girl" and "Veep" all have the star power to make it on the Emmy shortlist. If any shows would be knocked off, it might be "Louie" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." And if Emmy voters are still stupid, they'll knock off the superior "Louie" for "Glee." A snub for "Louie," however, may cause rioting in the streets... by me.

Dream Nominees: 
Where to start. "Community" and "Happy Endings" are clearly the two shows that deserve a chance for the gold. But no one should ignore the sheer brilliance of "Cougartown." Even as the show had the lowest ratings ever, the quality stayed just as strong. But we all know that show (and its star) will never see a nod passed their way.

Best Actor- Comedy
1. Jim Parsons- "The Big Bang Theory"
2. Alec Baldwin- "30 Rock"
3. Louis CK- "Louie" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Larry David- "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
5. Johnny Galecki- "The Big Bang Theory"
6. Joel McHale- "Community" (Another Dream Nominee)

Wild Card Nominees:
In all honesty, Joel McHale is really a dark horse candidate here but I'm too stubborn to leave him off the list. My other wild card nominee- and main dream- would be the phenomenal Adam Scott from "Parks and Recreation" take Johnny Galecki's spot on the comedy actor list. Oh and if Jon Cryer takes that last spot, there is no justice in this world.

Dream Nominee: 
Already said it- Adam Scott. Amy Poehler is always brilliant but her acting level was improved tenfold due to the wonderful support of Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt. And Scott had some gut-busting scenes himself.

Best Actress- Comedy
1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus- "Veep"
2. Amy Poehler- "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee... and Winner)
3. Zooey Deschanel- "New Girl" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Tina Fey- "30 Rock"
5. Melissa McCarthy- "Mike and Molly"
6. Lena Dunham- "Girls" (Another Dream Nominee)

Wild Card Nominees:
Considering how much new, amazing talent there was this season, Edie Falco, Laura Linney and Martha Plimpton will most likely be knocked off the list even though Plimpton had yet another great year. Laura Dern's work on HBO's "Enlightened" is the biggest threat to McCarthy, Dunham or even Fey.

Dream Nominee:
My dream will always be for Courtney Cox to get a nomination for anything she does. It still baffles my mind that she was never nominated for "Friends."

Best Supporting Actor- Comedy 
1. Ty Burrell- "Modern Family"
2. Eric Stonestreet- "Modern Family"
3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson- "Modern Family"
4. Ed O'Neill- "Modern Family"
5. Nick Offerman- "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee)
6. Max Greenfield- "New Girl" (Another Dream Nominee)

Wild Card Nominee:
Neil Patrick Harris was snubbed last year in place of the terrible (in my opinion) Jon Cryer. Harris' work this season has been pretty extraordinary and with Cryer switching to Lead Actor this year, there's a chance the singing and dancing machine can make the shortlist once again. If the voters decide to stay with an old favorite over new hopefuls Offerman and Greenfield, they'll probably pick this veteran.

Dream Nominees: 
Every single male on "Community" (with perhaps the exception of Chevy Chase) and "Parks and Recreation" should be nominated for an Emmy for ever season. Danny Pudi, Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt in particular are so overwhelmingly good, it's crazy. Same goes for "Happy Endings" guys Adam Pally and Damon Wayans, Jr.- both men are too hilarious for their own good. But all of these men face the same problems as their female counterparts: the ensemble shows are too... ensemble-y. Emmy voters may think none of them have enough screen time to shine (though they would be wrong).

Best Supporting Actress- Comedy
1. Sofia Vergara- "Modern Family"
2. Julie Bowen- "Modern Family"
3. Kristen Wiig- "Saturday Night Live"
4. Betty White- "Hot in Cleveland"
5. Jane Krakowski- "30 Rock"
6. Jane Lynch- "Glee"

Wild Card Nominee:
The only person I could see knocking Jane Krakowski or Jane Lynch off the list is scene-stealer extraordinaire Maya Rudolph for her ridiculously good role on "Up All Night."

Dream Nominees:
Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie are consistently brilliant on their respective shows "Parks and Recreation" and "Community." But alas, "Parks" will most likely score only one acting nod for Amy Poehler beautifully layered work as Leslie Knope. If "Community" gets any recognition at all, it'll be for lead actor Joel McHale. In a fair world, Casey Wilson from "Happy Endings" would also get recognized, but like "Community" the show may be doomed for being too quirky. Like Courtney Cox, Busy Phillips will never be recognized for her amazing work on "Cougartown" and it's a real shame.

Best Drama:
1. "Breaking Bad"
2. "Mad Men"
3. "Homeland"
4. "Downton Abbey"
5. "Game of Thrones"
6. "The Good Wife"

Wild Card Nominee:
"Boardwalk Empire." With "Breaking Bad" back on the eligibility list after the exit of "Friday Night Lights" and "Homeland" taking the empty spot left when "Dexter" is inevitably overlooked for its extremely uneven season, it looks like "Boardwalk" may sit on the sidelines. Unless Emmy voters decide not to keep any network dramas on the list (aka if they get rid of "The Good Wife"), or if they don't take to Downton the way they did when it was considered a Miniseries, "Boardwalk" will be snubbed.

Dream Nominees: 
"Justified", "Damages", "Southland" and "The Walking Dead" are some of my favorite dramas on cable but they will sadly be ignored again. Other great new network shows like "Once Upon A Time," "Revenge," and the extremely new "Scandal" are wonderful but don't have the support to take down juggernauts like "Breaking Bad" (which will inevitably and deservedly win) and "Mad Men." Seeing "Parenthood" on the screen would literally be a dream come true but there's no chance at all for that under-appreciated show.

Best Actor- Drama
1. Bryan Cranston- "Breaking Bad"
2. Jon Hamm- "Mad Men"
3. Steve Buscemi- "Boardwalk Empire"
4. Damian Lewis- "Homeland" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Kelsey Grammar- "Boss"
6. Hugh Laurie- "House"

Wild Card Nominee: 
I'd prefer the amazing Timothy Olyphant to get his due over Michael C. Hall if only because "Dexter" was really not great this season. But it seems a bit unlikely because "Boss" star Kelsey Grammar is getting some serious buzz.

Dream Nominee: 
Jason Isaacs did stellar work on "Awake" and to see him on the list would bring me pure joy. But alas he, just like another dream nominee of mine Peter Krause from "Parenthood", will never get their due. Another great but unlikely choice: William H. Macy for the wonderful "Shameless." And while a horse controversy surrounds the cancelled "Luck," Oscar-winer Dustin Hoffman was stellar and should never be counted out in any awards show.

Best Actress- Drama
1. Claire Danes- "Homeland" (Another Dream Nominee... And winner)
2. Juliana Marguiles- "The Good Wife"
3. Elizabeth Moss- "Mad Men"
4. Glenn Close- "Damages" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Mariska Hargitay- "Law and Order: SVU"
6.  Elizabeth McGovern- "Downton Abbey"

Wild Card Nominee: 
Personally, I'd prefer to see "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery to take McGovern's place for that period drama. But even more than the "Downton" ladies, Katey Sagal deserves to be up on the list for her fierce work on "Sons of Anarchy."

Dream Nominees: 
Where to begin. I think eight nominations are enough for Mariska Hargitay. Her spot should be taken by any number of amazing ladies like Emmy Rossum for "Shameless," Katey Sagal for "Sons of Anarchy," Anna Torv for superior work on "Fringe," Madeleine Stowe for "Revenge," and Kerry Washington for the newbie but brilliant "Scandal."

Best Supporting Actor- Drama 
1. Josh Charles- "The Good Wife" (Another Dream Nominee)
2. Peter Dinklage- "Game of Thrones" (Another Dream Nominee)
3. Giancarlo Esposito- "Breaking Bad" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Aaron Paul- "Breaking Bad" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Walton Goggins- "Justified"
6. John Slattery- "Mad Men"

Wild Card Nominee:
I came extremely close to just adding John Noble from "Fringe" to the list of nominees as a last-ditch effort to mind-control the Emmy voters into suddenly picking him. But it's a long shot even though this season was epic for the actor. There's a chance that previous nominee Alan Cumming (from "The Good Wife") may take his fellow co-star's spot or Goggins' spot but it's a safe bet that he'll sit in the sidelines this year.

Dream Nominees: 
Too many to count. From every actor on "Southland" to every actor on "Boardwalk Empire," the Supporting Actor-Drama list is a tough one to crack. Even though horses died on the set of "Luck," Nick Nolte did fine work on the show. My biggest dream would be to see the multi-talented Mandy Patinkin get a nod for his fine work on "Homeland" opposite Claire Danes.

Best Supporting Actress- Drama 
1. Christina Hendricks- "Mad Men" (Dream Nominee)
2. Kelly MacDonald- "Boardwalk Empire"
3. Archie Punjabi- "The Good Wife"
4. Maggie Smith- "Downton Abbey"
5. Anna Gunn- "Breaking Bad"
6. Morena Baccarin- "Homeland"

Wild Card Nominees: 
This is the most difficult list to predict. All of the actresses deserve to be on the list but only time will tell.

Dream Nominees (Or in this case, other hopefuls): 
Any of these ladies could snag a nod this year: Christine Baranski for "The Good Wife," Rose Byrne for "Damages," Lana Parilla for "Once Upon A Time," Emilia Clarke for "Game of Thrones," Jennifer Carpenter for "Dexter," Michelle Forbes for "The Killing" and Maggie Siff for "Sons of Anarchy."

Best Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. "Game Change"
2. "Sherlock" (Dream Nominee)
3. "American Horror Story"
4. "The Hour"
5. "Great Expectations"
6. "Hatfields and McCoys"

Wild Card Nominees:
HBO's "Hemingway and Gelhorn" is more like a safe bet than anything else. As long as the TV Movie does not take the place of the beloved "Sherlock," all is right with the world. It's between this and "Great Expectations".

Dream Nominees: 
"Luther" is my biggest dream nominee. Though I would also love to be surprised and see the great "Page 8" on the list as well. But again, nothing should take the place of "Sherlock."

Best Actor- Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. Woody Harrelson- "Game Change"
2. Clive Owen- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
3. Benedict Cumberbatch- "Sherlock" (Ultimate Dream Nominee)
4. Kevin Costner- "Hatfields and McCoys"
5. Idris Elba- "Luther"
6. Bill Nighy- "Page Eight"

This is  a great list in my opinion. I don't really have any other dream nominees to add. If Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't get his due, I'll be genuinely surprised and devastated.

Best Actress- Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. Julianne Moore- "Game Change"
2. Nicole Kidman- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
3. Rachel Weisz- "Page Eight"
4. Emma Thompson- "The Song of Lunch"
5. Romola Garai- "The Hour"
6. Connie Britton- "American Horror Story" (Dream Nominee)

Other than Connie, the other ladies seem to be a lock. Connie is definitely my dream nominee here.

Best Supporting Actor- Miniseries or TV Movie: 
1. Martin Freeman- "Sherlock"
2. Ed Harris- "Game Change"
3. David Stratharin- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
4. Michael Gambon- "Page Eight"
5. Powers Boothe- "Hatfields and McCoys"
6. Denis O'Hare- "American Horror Story" (Dream Nominee)

The only person I could see coming off this list is Denis O'Hare in favor of Tony Shaloub from "Hatfields and McCoys" but O'Hare has been too good in too many things for Emmy voters to make that mistake.

Best Supporting Actress- Miniseries or TV Movie: 
1. Jessica Lange- "American Horror Story"
2. Mare Winningham- "Hatfields and McCoys"
3. Sarah Paulson- "Game Change"
4. Gillian Anderson- "Great Expectations"
5. Laura Pulver- "Sherlock" (Dream Nominee)
6. Judy Davis- "Page Eight"

My dream nominee here is Pulver for her amazing work as Irene Adler in "Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia." But she will most likely be replaced by Jena Malone from "Hatfields and McCoys" or another wild card.

That's it! Let's see what the nominations say. I'll have everything updated as soon as the list is announced.

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