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Updated: Assessment of the 2012 Emmy Nominations

The nominations are in! Here are the updated list from my predictions and my important assessments. If you want to see my Wild Card or Dream nominees, check below for last night's post. Want to see the list for yourself? Check it out here 

Best Comedy
1. "Modern Family"
2. "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee) "Girls"
3. "The Big Bang Theory"
4. "30 Rock"
5. "Louie" (Another Dream Nominee)  "Veep"
6. "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

I'm fine with the addition of these two shows but getting rid of the fantastic fourth season of "Parks and Recreation" in favor of new blood is a travesty.

Wild Card Nominees:
New shows "Girls", "New Girl" and "Veep" all have the star power to make it on the Emmy shortlist. If any shows would be knocked off, it might be "Louie" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." And if Emmy voters are still stupid, they'll knock off the superior "Louie" for "Glee." A snub for "Louie," however, may cause rioting in the streets... by me.

Best Actor- Comedy:
1. Jim Parsons- "The Big Bang Theory"
2. Alec Baldwin- "30 Rock"
3. Louis CK- "Louie" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Larry David- "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
5. Johnny Galecki- "The Big Bang Theory" Jon Cryer- "Two and a Half Men"
6. Joel McHale- "Community" (Another Dream Nominee) Don Cheadle- "House of Lies"

It was wrong of me to leave of Don Cheadle. The sheer starpower alone made it obvious that the actor would make the list, even with his inconsistent show. And apparently. the Emmy voters are ridiculous once again because there's Jon Cryer's name.

Best Actress- Comedy
1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus- "Veep"
2. Amy Poehler- "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee... and Winner)
3. Zooey Deschanel- "New Girl" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Tina Fey- "30 Rock"
5. Melissa McCarthy- "Mike and Molly"
6. Lena Dunham- "Girls" (Another Dream Nominee)
7. Edie Falco- "Nurse Jackie"

Seven nominees? This is turning into the 10 Best Picture nominee debacle.

Best Supporting Actor- Comedy 
1. Ty Burrell- "Modern Family"
2. Eric Stonestreet- "Modern Family"
3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson- "Modern Family"
4. Ed O'Neill- "Modern Family"
5. Nick Offerman- "Parks and Recreation" (Another Dream Nominee) Bill Hader- "Saturday Night Live"
6. Max Greenfield- "New Girl" (Another Dream Nominee)

Here's the biggest surprise. Hader, who has never been nominated, gets one over the (no offense) superior Nick Offerman from "Parks and Recreation." And there's no surprise that Greenfield gets a nod for his hilarious work on "New Girl."

Best Supporting Actress- Comedy
1. Sofia Vergara- "Modern Family"
2. Julie Bowen- "Modern Family"
3. Kristen Wiig- "Saturday Night Live"
4. Betty White- "Hot in Cleveland" Mayim Bialick- "The Big Bang Theory"
5. Jane Krakowski- "30 Rock" Merrit Weaver- "Nurse Jackie"
6. Jane Lynch- "Glee"Kathryn Joosten- "Desperate Housewives"

Wow. Joosten is only on this list because the voters are rewarding her for perserverance on a mediocre show. It's nice to see the unfamiliar Weaver and the familiar Bialick. Anything to knock "Glee" off any nomination list is fine by me but I would've enjoyed Maya Rudolph or anyone from "Community," "Parks" or "Happy Endings" to do it.

Best Drama:
1. "Breaking Bad"
2. "Mad Men"
3. "Homeland"
4. "Downton Abbey"
5. "Game of Thrones"
6. "The Good Wife" "Boardwalk Empire"

Just as I suspected. "Boardwalk" knocked the only network show off its list. And it's not a bad thing because "Boardwalk" had a great second season.

Best Actor- Drama
1. Bryan Cranston- "Breaking Bad"
2. Jon Hamm- "Mad Men"
3. Steve Buscemi- "Boardwalk Empire"
4. Damian Lewis- "Homeland" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Kelsey Grammar- "Boss" Michael C. Hall- "Dexter"
6. Hugh Laurie- "House" Hugh Bonneville- "Downton Abbey"

And the "Downton" sweep begins. It's not strange to see Michael C. Hall's name up here for his consistently great work on "Dexter." But this season was so uneven that he seemed like a dark horse candidate. It IS surprising, however, that Hugh Laurie has been ignored for the final season of "House."

Best Actress- Drama
1. Claire Danes- "Homeland" (Another Dream Nominee... And winner)
2. Juliana Marguiles- "The Good Wife"
3. Elizabeth Moss- "Mad Men"
4. Glenn Close- "Damages" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Mariska Hargitay- "Law and Order: SVU" Kathy Bates- "Harry's Law"
6.  Elizabeth McGovern- "Downton Abbey" Michelle Dockery- "Downton Abbey"

I love seeing Dockery's name in place of McGovern; Dockery was just better on "Downton." I'm also glad Hargitay is not on this list this year. But replacing her with Kathy Bates is just as bad because "Harry's Law" is just not a good show.

Best Supporting Actor- Drama 
1. Josh Charles- "The Good Wife" (Another Dream Nominee) Brendan Boyle- "Downton Abbey"
2. Peter Dinklage- "Game of Thrones" (Another Dream Nominee)
3. Giancarlo Esposito- "Breaking Bad" (Another Dream Nominee)
4. Aaron Paul- "Breaking Bad" (Another Dream Nominee)
5. Walton Goggins- "Justified" "Jim Carter- "Downton Abbey"
6. John Slattery- "Mad Men" Jared Harris- "Mad Men"

It's wonderful to see Harris get his due for a great season on "Mad Men." For those of you who haven't seen it, please do immediately. Harris' Lane Pryce is heartbreaking towards the final episodes. This "Dowton" sweep is ridiculous considering how poor the quality of the second season was compared to the stellar first season. Thank God for getting Giancarlo Esposito on this list!

Best Supporting Actress- Drama 
1. Christina Hendricks- "Mad Men" (Dream Nominee)
2. Kelly MacDonald- "Boardwalk Empire" Christine Baranski- "The Good Wife"
3. Archie Punjabi- "The Good Wife"
4. Maggie Smith- "Downton Abbey"
5. Anna Gunn- "Breaking Bad"
6. Morena Baccarin- "Homeland" Joanne Froggatt- "Downton Abbey"

Considering this list was such a mixed bag, it was hard to predict or be upset by anyone. I'm just glad Anna Gunn is finally getting her due on "Breaking Bad."

Best Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. "Game Change"
2. "Sherlock" (Dream Nominee)
3. "American Horror Story"
4. "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
5. "Great Expectations" "Luther"
6. "Hatfields and McCoys"

I'm so wildly happy to be wrong about "Great Expectations." It's not that the show was bad, it's just that "Luther" is just better.

Best Actor- Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. Woody Harrelson- "Game Change"
2. Clive Owen- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
3. Benedict Cumberbatch- "Sherlock" (Ultimate Dream Nominee)
4. Kevin Costner- "Hatfields and McCoys"
5. Idris Elba- "Luther"
6. Bill Nighy- "Page Eight" Bill Paxton- "Hatfields and McCoys"

I should've known the other side of the "Hatfields and McCoys" would get recognition along with Costner. No matter, everything is alright because Benedict Cumberbatch has made the list!

Best Actress- Miniseries or TV Movie:
1. Julianne Moore- "Game Change"
2. Nicole Kidman- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
3. Rachel Weisz- "Page Eight" Ashley Judd- "Missing"
4. Emma Thompson- "The Song of Lunch"
5. Romola Garai- "The Hour"
6. Connie Britton- "American Horror Story" (Dream Nominee)

I'm surprised the Emmy voters only went with 5 ladies here when there are so many great women on miniseries. I'm also surprised that ABC used Judd's show as a miniseries... and actually succeeded.

Best Supporting Actor- Miniseries or TV Movie: 
1. Martin Freeman- "Sherlock"
2. Ed Harris- "Game Change"
3. David Stratharin- "Hemingway and Gelhorn"
4. Michael Gambon- "Page Eight"
5. Powers Boothe- "Hatfields and McCoys" Tom Berenger- "Hatfields and McCoys"
6. Denis O'Hare- "American Horror Story" (Dream Nominee)

Another five person slot. I love that O'Hare made it on the list. And it looks like I just picked the wrong "Hatfields" castmember.

Best Supporting Actress- Miniseries or TV Movie: 
1. Jessica Lange- "American Horror Story"
2. Mare Winningham- "Hatfields and McCoys"
3. Sarah Paulson- "Game Change"
4. Gillian Anderson- "Great Expectations"
5. Laura Pulver- "Sherlock" (Dream Nominee)  Frances Conroy- "American Horror Story"
6. Judy Davis- "Page Eight"

I'm fine with Pulver not making the shortlist because Conroy was just too good on "AHS."

Well here are your nominees, ladies and gents. Amazing shows like "Community" and "Happy Endings" get the shaft once more and undeserving vets get to have their name read again (I'm looking right at you Jon Cryer.) We'll see what happens in September.

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