Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best and Worst Surprises: The Golden Globe Nominations 2013

Here are my quick two cents on this morning's Golden Globe nominations (more to come later on in the day):

Television first:


1. Thank goodness Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated for Sherlock. The Hollywood Foreign Press was definitely smarter than SAG in that category.

2. Congratulations to Connie Britton and Hayden Panetierre for cracking the tough drama ladies' lists for Nashville. In such a difficult field, it's really great to see a wonderful new show get recognized.

3. Another nice addition to the Drama ladies list: Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey. Easily the best lady on that show (besides Maggie Smith of course)

4. Mandy Patinkin for Homeland- HOLLA!


1. Smash?! Really HFPA? Unbelievably bad choice

2. Mad Men was snubbed from the Best Drama list in favor of The Newsroom. Sure, some people didn't enjoy this season of Mad Men but far more people were polarized by Aaron Sorkin's new show. I enjoyed both but felt Mad Men was a better quality season. But, it's Aaron Sorkin so enough said, I guess.

3. No Best Comedy nominations for Parks and Recreation OR 30 Rock is an outrage.

Movies next:


1. Ewan MacGregor and Emily Blunt were recognized for their sweet, little-seen film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which is a really nice surprise. Both actors were wonderful in that film.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio cracked the Best Supporting Actor list for his villainous turn in Django Unchained. While the movie hasn't yet been released, critics are praising DiCaprio for such a change in character.

3. Congrats to Adele for getting a Best Song nomination for Skyfall. And I can't believe I'm going to say this, but congrats to Taylor Swift as well for her Hunger Games song "Safe and Sound" which I actually really enjoy.


There are a lot of worsts for this list but I'll just narrow down to the biggies:

1. No nominations once again for Beasts of the Southern Wild. If I'm not mistaken, the film was not banned from the Golden Globes but only the SAG Awards, right?

2. No directing nominations for Tom Hooper or David O. Russell? Crazy!

3. Nothing for This Is 40? The movie can't be that bad! It's getting great reviews!

4. Where was Robert De Niro's nomination for Silver Linings Playbook?

5. Nicole Kidman? Really? Her? Is it really that impressive that she urinates on Zac Effron in The Paperboy

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