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Vote On The Scariest “Doctor Who” Villains From The 2005 Reboot & On

Doctor Who is back! With new companion Clara Oswald in tow, the 11th Doctor is off finding more adventures and saving the Earth from some crazy-looking baddies. While most of the time, these villains look ridiculous, sometimes they can be scary enough to cause some nightmares.  Check out my top ten and vote on your favorite- or least favorite if you don't like scary things.

Note: I've only counted the villains seen from the 2005 reboot and on (though the Daleks are as old as  the show itself).


1. The Daleks with Davros

First seen: "Dalek" Series 1, Episode 6

So here's the thing. I know they're not much to look at but the Daleks are THE main villains in "Doctor Who." They do really horrible things. They hate humans, they hate the Doctor, they basically hate anyone who isn't them. And when they open their giant metallic boxes, they're actually really gross to look at- like squid tentacles attached to a giant brain.

2. The Weeping Angels

First seen: "Blink" Series 3, Episode 10

Sure, they're just statues. But once you turn away or even blink (thus the title of the episode), they can come speeding at you and zap you into the past where you will "live to death" as the Doctor says. Plus, if you look at them even on a recorded video, they can still attack you. Imagine that these things are every statue you've ever seen and try not to be scared while walking into a public library or some other old building. I dare you.

3. Snowmen

First seen: "The Snowmen" Series 7, Episode 6 (Christmas Special)

I know, they're just snow. But snowmen are things made my little children on winter holidays. It's cruel to turn them into evil monsters with sharp ice teeth. I'll never look at snow the same way again.

4. The Silence

First seen: "The Impossible Astronaut" Series 6, Episode 1

Um... Look at them. They're frightening. And they wear suits so you know they mean business. Worst part: when you look away, you forget they were even there so every time you see them, it's a new experience of terror.

5. Racnoss

First seen: "The Runaway Bride" Series 3, Episode 1 (Special Episode)

While this monster didn't really do much damage to the world in its "Doctor Who" episode, it's just disgusting. It also has the body of a spider and spiders are the worst. Just the worst.

6. The Beast

First seen: "The Satan Pit" Series 2, Episode 9

A fitting name for a giant monster inside a large pit, don't you think? You see that orange jumpsuit in the left-hand bottom corner? That's the Doctor. So that gives you an idea of how big this thing really is. It's basically the Devil (thus the title of the episode- "Doctor Who" is good about being literal with its baddies most of the time).

7. Prisoner Zero

First seen: "The Eleventh Hour" Series 5, Episode 1

The first monster faced by the Eleventh Doctor. It's a giant snake thing with really long sharp teeth. Is it just me or are snakes truly frightening? Now just imagine a snake but longer by several feet (or meters for you non-American folk).

8. Clockwork Men

First seen: "The Girl in the Fireplace" Series 2, Episode 4

Porcelain masks are scary. It's just a well-known fact. Imagine this thing chasing you around silently.

9. The Vashta Nerada

First seen: "The Silence in the Library" Series 4, Episode 8

For those of you who haven't seen this episode, the monster is not a skeleton in an astronaut suit. It's actually millions of little particles in the darkness. So if you cross into the darkness, they can eat you to the bone. Thus the poor soul in this picture. Basically this episode gives you another reason to be afraid of the dark.

10. The Dolls

First seen: "Night Terrors" Series 6, Episode 9

Please refer to my reasoning on number 8 but change porcelain masks to creepy, giant dolls. Let me make myself more clear: these are creepy, giant dolls that will turn you into more creepy giant dolls if you're caught. What's worse than being chased by creepy, giant dolls? Probably being a creepy, giant doll.

Now it's your turn, who's the scariest of them all?

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Note: Another new "Doctor Who" airs TONIGHT on BBC America.

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