Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why I'll Miss Kevin Malone From The Office

It's here. The Office end is nigh. And while everyone will miss Jim, Pam, Dwight and Angela, one man often gets lost in the shuffle. That's why it was necessary to mention the best things about the most ridiculously dim, yet ultimately endearing character from the beloved NBC comedy: Kevin Malone. 

1. He's an AWESOME singer/rapper.

Also: Scrantonicity. Never Forget.

2. He has his life priorities sorted out

We're all with you Kev.

3. That giggle

It's like watching a hummingbird or a newborn puppy. You can't help but smile

4. He's really good at figuring out when people are dating.

See? First to call it.

5. He doesn't hide his feelings

6. He's got the best bromance with Oscar.

7. And to add to that, the two of them have super cool dance moves together

Way to try and keep up Kev.


8. He knows how to make the best of a bad situation. Remember the Kleenex-Box shoes? They were a real conversation piece.

And of course, there's that hair... issue.

9. He does so many ridiculous/unreasonable things that you can't help but laugh.

On second thought, this is totally reasonable. 

This is more like it. 

10. You always know where he stands with food


11. He knows how he wants to be treated... Even if it's inappropriate

12. He's also sneaky in the best way. 

13. He has very relatable problems. 

Been there buddy. Been there. 

14. He's always willing to learn. 

Stairs are hard people!   

15. And even though he (ironically) finds his friends stupid sometimes...

18. He still really loves them. 

We'll miss you, big guy. We'll all miss the whole lot of you. Thank you so many wonderful years.

Watch the series finale of The Office tonight at 9/8 central. It's guaranteed to make you (or at least definitely me) cry.

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